Choice Readersは、もっと気軽に英語の本を読み、その体験を共有するために、Choice Readers@cafeに変わりました。1月に1回、カフェに集まりリラックスした雰囲気の中で本について語ります。


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1. 気軽にペーパーバックを読む習慣をつけたい。
2. Chrisの土曜日のスケジュールが4月から大幅に変わる。
3. フレキシブルに、費用をミニマムにして、兎に角継続する。






Your first dose of Medicine & Culture

Hello, everybody. I hope you're coping with the heat.
Choice Readers will meet again in two weeks (August 27).

Our target is page 73, which is a little less than half, but the first half contains all the
introductory parts before the chapter on "western" medicine in France.

In the second half (which we'll finish reading by October 1, I hope), the author
discusses "western" medicine in Germany, the UK, and the USA. The final
summing-up chapter before the notes  (which you do not have to read) is very
short. But that's where the comparisons get really
interesting and I think we'll want to talk about how "western" medicine is
practiced in Japan. We're all patients from time to time.

Don't look up everything, but highlight or stick post-its to the passages where
you had trouble ......

(The Choice Readers attendees will receive more details via its mailing list.)

Best regards,


Share the Reading Experience: What Choice Readers Offer

Christopher Holmes

I have always enjoyed reading, but it wasn't until late in life that I realized I should not feel guilty about reading fiction. Fiction is what is "not real," not true, I thought, but eventually I realized that, as many writers have said, fiction is the lie that tells the truth.

I also sometimes thought that while I was reading, I was not "living," but there, too, I was wrong: my life is the sum of my thoughts and experiences, and the fiction writer (just as any other writer) shares an experience with me when I read a book. In a sense, I feel most alive when I'm reading. Don't you love reading, too?

But there is another sense in which we can share an experience through a book, and that is when people who have read the same book talk about it together.That is what I hope to do through Choice Readers with Mitsuko Okamoto at Chiyoda Platform Square. Don't you want to share your thoughts about what you've read with fellow readers?

Choice Readers is not for learning the ABCs of English or for test preparation, it's for enrichment, for making your life more rewarding, for learning how to live better in a world full of crises. Choice Readers is for reading, for discussion, for the exchange and exploration of ideas. Will you take up the challenge of reading, listening, and discussing with Choice Readers a variety of books, both fiction and nonfiction?

Each meeting, each class, will have a book in English as a topic. There will be an initial presentation on the book and its issues. Whether you read the book or listen to it as an audio book, all our discussion in the classroom will be in English. Don't you want to use and improve your English communication skills?

Join Choice Readers, and you will have chances to broaden your horizons, use what you have learned, discuss what you have read, and share ideas. By enriching our inner lives through reading and thinking, I believe we will come to better understand our world, with all its challenges and crises. What do you think? Will you join us?